Allovate, LLC

New York, NY

CAT Project Title: A Novel Allergen Delivery Method for Allergy Immunotherapy
CAT Award Years: 2013-14
Principal Investigator:  William Reisacher, MD

Background and situation

The only treatment that can permanently reverse allergic diseases and their symptoms is immunotherapy. Immunotherapy, however, is only used by less than 4% of the more than 60 million allergy sufferers in the US. A key reason for this low rate of therapy is the difficulty most patients have with adhering to the necessary long-term administration of immunotherapy. Patients must commit to weekly visits to the doctor’s office for allergy shots, or daily self-administration of liquid drops under the tongue. While symptom reduction usually occurs within a few months of consistent treatment, it’s crucial for all immunotherapies to continue uninterrupted for 3-5 years in order to achieve a persistent reduction of allergy symptoms. Immunotherapy products that empower allergy patients to adhere to immunotherapy over several years are urgently needed.

CAT project

Dr. William Reisacher, an Otolaryngic Allergist at Weill Cornell Medical College, submitted a proposal and won a CAT award that supported his proof-of-concept study to assess the commercial potential of oral mucosal immunotherapy, a novel mode of delivering immunotherapy to treat allergies. In his earlier research, he discovered that the tissue of the gums more readily absorbed allergen serum, making it the ideal place to administer allergy immunotherapy, and more effectively than via traditional allergy injections. Dr. Reisacher's "eureka" moment was to create a toothpaste that is customized with the patient's allergy immunotherapy, something they would self-administer on a daily basis.

Allovate’s premiere product is Allerdent®, a specially formulated, fluoride-containing toothpaste that is easily and stably combined with immunotherapy allergens. Thus, a patient’s daily immunotherapy administration can be seamlessly integrated with the ritual of daily tooth brushing, a habitual lifelong healthcare behavior for most people. Allerdent® has been developed to increase long-term patient adherence to immunotherapy, thus resulting in more successful and long-lasting treatments. Moreover, Allerdent® may have optimized efficiency compared to allergy drops due to the increased volume and contact of the immunotherapy-containing toothpaste with a larger portion of oral tissue.


  • Long-term stability was established
  • Investigational studies successful
  • Allerdent® toothpaste product launched

Patients have been reporting remarkably quick improvement of symptoms of their allergies, some in as little as three months. Patient testimonials:

  • "I can breathe through my nose on almost all mornings."
  • "The treatments are working great! After only three months on the treatments, my pollen allergies were not bothering me at all."

At the time of this report, Allerdent® is for sale through allergists’ offices in all 50 states.