Multiphoton Microscopy

This technology (invented at Cornell) enables confocal-like imaging using nonlinear optics, a technique which excels when imaging cloudy specimens (e.g., live tissues or mice), UV-excited fluorophores, or fibrillar collagen.  Multiphoton microscopy is typically used in thick specimens (>100 um) using fluorescence from standard dyes or indicators, intrinsic fluorescence or second harmonic generation from macromolecular structures such as collagen fibrils or small non-centrosymmetric crystals.  Both of our Zeiss LSM880 confocal microscopes have multiphoton capability.  The inverted microscope (i880) is integrated with an extended turning range (700-1300nm) Spectra Physics Insight Laser.  Large samples and/or live mice can be accommodated on the upright system (u880).  Assistance with imaging and experimental design is available during normal business hours.