Recommended Links

X-ray Computed Tomography (CT) Wiki

Microscopy resources

Kurt's Microscopy Blog reviews current microscopy literature

Microscopy resource sites from Florida State University, Nikon, Olympus and Zeiss.

Confocal Microscopy (FSU, Nikon)

Spinning Disk Confocal Micrsocopy (FSU, Zeiss)

Multiphoton Microscopy (FSU, Nikon)

FRAP (Zeiss)

FRET (FSU, Olympus)

FCS (Zeiss)

TIRF (Nikon)

OptoGenetics (Stanford)

SuperResolution (Zeiss)

CLARITY optical clearing (Stanford)

Cornell Super Resolution Journal Club

Fluorophore Information

Fluorescent proteins (GFPs and similar)

Molecular Probes handbook

Molecular probes dye spectra

Oregon Medical Laser Center for intrinsic fluorophores and tissue scattering

Zipfel lab multiphoton excitation spectra


Materials and supplies

Invitrogen fluorescence microscopy

Matek coverslip-bottom dishes

New England Biolabs

Ted Pella microscopy supply

Allele Biotechnology mNeonGreen plasmids

Open-source software


Fully-loaded ImageJ (FIJI)


OsiriX DICOM viewer (for Mac only)