Resource descriptions for granting purposes

Multiscale Xray CT (Computed Tomography)  

Xradia Zeiss Versa XRM-520 nanoCT (B46 Weill) for sub-micron resolved data with no bore size limitations.  Ipod shuffle.
 Bruker Skyscan 1276 (B46 Weill) for fast acquisition with live animal capabilities.

Optical Microscopy

Zeiss Elyra Super Resolution Microscope (B45E Weill) on an inverted platform supporting TIRF, SR-SIM and PALM/STORM technologies.  Cross-over associated protein in chromosomes, M. Toledo, Cohen Lab. 
Zeiss LSM880 Confocal/Multiphoton Upright Microscope ("u880") (B45C Weill) on an upright platform with full confocal and multiphoton capabilities.  This system has a variety of long-working-distance optics and tunable emission polarization.  Collagen SHG in heart tissue.
Zeiss LSM880 Confocal/Multiphoton Inverted Microscope ("i880")  (B45D Weill) on an inverted platform with full confocal capabilities, a multiphoton source with an extended IR tuning range, FCS and AiryScan.  Multi-colored nuclei, V. Cross, Stroock Lab.
Andor spinning disk confocal microscope (B46 Weill) for fast confocal imaging on an Olympus inverted microscope, with 4 laser lines, FRAP support, an automated stage, a fast piezo focus and an environmental chamber.  Plant stromules, A. Sattarzadeh, Hanson Lab.
Zeiss LSM710 confocal microscope (B46 Weill) on an inverted microscope with 4 laser lines, spectrally-resolved detection, an automated stage, and an environmental chamber. Device mixing patterns, C. Ody, Stroock Lab.
Olympus fluorescence microscope with Metamorph acquisition (B46 Weill) on an upright microscope with fluorescence, DIC, phase and polarization optics. Root Growth, S. Lu and X. Wang.
Zeiss stereo microscope (B46 Weill).

Laser Capture Microdissection

Zeiss laser capture microdissection system (B46 Weill) on an inverted Zeiss platform.  Regions-of-interest are catapulted via laser force to Eppendorf tubes for further biochemical analysis.


Seahorse (B38 Weill)

PTI spectrofluorometer (B38 Weill).


Bioluminescence or fluorescence macro imaging

PerkinElmer IVIS Spectrum (B46E Weill) with onboard anesthesia. Luminescence in leaves, CS Oh, Martin Lab (Boyce Thompson).

High-resolution Ultrasound

VisualSonics Vevo-2100 High-resolution Ultrasound (B56A Weill) with onboard anesthesia, EKG gating and image-guided micro-injection.