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Flow Cytometry Facility
  • The Flow Cytometry Facility of Cornell’s Biotechnology Resource Center (BRC) in the Institute of Biotechnology is the result of a faculty-led initiative across several colleges on campus. Generous financial support for the facility came through the offices of Provost Mike Kotlikoff and Vice Provost for Research Emmanuel Giannelis as well as the Colleges of Veterinary Medicine, Engineering, Human Ecology, Agriculture and Life Sciences, and Arts and Sciences.

    Instrumentation is available in a main facility in 140 Biotechnology Building and a satellite facility in VRT T2-003 of the College of Veterinary Medicine. The main facility houses three cell sorters and one analyzer, while two analyzers are located in the satellite facility. 

  • An extensive suite of instrumentation is available in two campus locations: BD Biosciences FACSAria Fusion Sorter, BD Biosciences Melody Sorter, Sony MA900 Sorter, BD Biosciences Symphony Analyzer (vet school satellite facility), Two Thermo Fisher Attune NxT Analyzer (one at vet school satellite facility)

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  • Consultations are provided free-of-charge. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any point ( to go over details related to your current or future projects.

  • All training is currently done one-on-one with a Flow Cytometry Core Facility staff member and charged at the assisted usage rate. To set up your first appointment, please contact us (

  • We currently offer free access to FCS Express, a data analysis software. For instructions on downloading FCS Express, please contact us at In addition, we are more than happy to meet to discuss your data or provide a brief tutorial of FCS Express.

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Flow Cytometry Facility | Institute of Biotechnology


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