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Biotechnology Development Facility
  • The primary goal of the Biotechnology Development Facility seed grants is to support the generation of preliminary data, to enhance grant applications to federal or non-federal funding agencies researchers through use of the Biotechnology Resource Center (BRC) facilities. The grants are also intended to facilitate the use of new and emerging biotechnologies by a larger community of Cornell life science researchers. For more information, download the pdf file.

    Additionally, technology vendors often offer their own grant programs. Here is a list.

  • The facility evaluates emerging biotechnologies for use as core resources, and facilitates their acquisition by identifying investigators and research projects that would benefit from the new technologies, identifying potential funding sources, and writing shared instrumentation grant proposals.  Click here for more information.

  • Optimization and validation of existing techniques and applications are done collaboratively with the other BRC core facilities, with cores at other insitutions, with investigators, and with the manufacturers and vendors.  Click here for more information. 

  • The facility collaborates on the development and testing of new biotechnologies, techniques and applications, and facilitates their implementation, evaluation and validation for use as core facility resources.  Click here for more information

  • Consultation on new technologies is available upon request.  We provide consultation on the use of new technologies and novel applications for research projects, from the project design stage through data analysis, in coordination with the BRC Core Facilities.  Click here for more information.

  • The facility introduces emerging biotechnologies and novel applications to the Cornell research community through organizing, hosting and presenting educational seminars and workshops, including the Cornell University Life Sciences Advanced Technology Seminar series.  Click here for more information.