I need software that is not available on BioHPC Lab machines. What should I do?

You should contact us and specify what software do you need and why. If the software in question does not require significant effort to install and maintain and will benefit more than a few users we will install it. If it requires significant time and effort to install (or maintain) and you are willing to cover the costs we will install it. Some software titles can be installed locally for a single user - see your software documentation if it is possible. Please consult BioHPC User Guide FAQ section if you would like to install and use a single user copy of a Perl module.


What software is available on BioHPC Lab machines

The detailed list of software available on BioHPC Lab machines can be found on BioHPC Lab software page.

How can I start using BioHPC Web

You need to get an account at BioHCP Lab, BioHPC Web uses the same credentials. You need to contact us to set up an account.

How can I use/connect to BioHPC Lab?

Steps required to connect to BioHPC are outlined in BioHPC Lab User Guide. There are two documents summarizing the steps needed: access from Cornell network and access from outside Cornell.

How can I start using BioHPC Lab

The setps required to start using BioHPC Lab are outlined in BioHPC Lab Quick Start Guide and in BioHPC Lab User Guide.

What is the difference between BioHPC Lab and BioHPC Web?

BioHPC Lab is a cloud-type resource targeting interactive user. In order to use the resource registered user has to reserve time first, then connect to the reserved machine(s), transfer data and carry out computations. BioHPC Web is a batch type system where users submit computational jobs via web interface, which are then executed on HPC clusters. Users can control computational parameters on the website, and can restart or terminate jobs as needed, but they have no direct, command line control. BioHPC Lab is more versatile and allows for more customization since users can write their own pipelines, scripts and programs and use them right away. BioHPC Web is much easier to use (no need to know Unix fo example), but is restricted to a pre-defined set of programs.

Why can't I connect to your keyserver?

Make sure the machine is configured to communicate with our keyserver at brcks.biotech.cornell.edu.

  • MacOS: Open your system preferences and look for the keyaccess preference pane. For older versions of keyaccess, you can check this by using the keyaccess setup program in the "Applications > sassafrask2 > client" folder.
  • Windows: Open the control panels folder and launch the keyaccess control panel. If the panel is not present, then type keyacc32 at the "Start > Run" prompt to launch the control panel.
Why is the software to which I subscribe crashing?

Please contact us and include as much detail as possible to expedite your help.  Include program name, platform, operating system and version, verbatim error messages or detailed descriptions of the behavior.