Research Collaboration Services

Research collaboration services are available as either (a) short-term fee-based service contracts that provide full bioinformatics solutions for your research project or (b) long-term project-based collaborations funded through collaborative research grants.

Examples of Bioinformatics Facility research collaboration projects include:

- Genetic architecture of maize and teosinte
- A systems approach to the development and function of C4 photosynthesis.
- Genome-wide impact of mPing transposition on rice phenotypic diversity.
- Accelerating grape cultivar improvement via phenotyping centers and next generation markers.
- A high-resolution map of recombination in maize.

In addition to research collaboration services, the core offers the resources of the BioHPC Computing Laboratory to investigators to do their own data analysis.  Training and consultation are available on the use of the BioHPC Computing Laboratory resources through our workshops and office hours.