Desktop / Network support

Services include evaluating desktop and network needs, procuring and implementing appropriate computational infrastructure, and providing comprehensive bio-IT support for desktops and networks, including:

  • Full-service desktop and network support for academic departments and individual laboratories
  • Desktop and server configuration and management
  • Server co-location and virtual machines
  • Security policy compliance support
  • Server and application hosting
  • Data backup and management solutions
  • LAMP-based web hosting

We specialize in providing solutions for challenging laboratory environments, including legacy (older) equipment, large data volumes and complex data management needs.

We can specify, procure and deliver cost-effective computing and data storage services and solutions that are based on your requirements.  We can also help you choose the most appropriate solutions by brokering services with other providers, such as Cornell Central IT (CIT), the Cornell Center for Advanced Computing (CAC), and the BRC Bioinformatics Facility.  The Bio-IT Facility has close ties to all these other providers. 

The facility also plays an active role in the Cornell IT governance structure as an advocate for high quality research IT support.

We provide bio-IT services, including desktop and network support, for a broad range of users at Cornell University, including: