Commercial software terms and policies

The facility purchases and distributes "site licenses" or "floating" network licenses for commercial software.  This system has several advantages:

  • Reduced cost to your lab from shared access cost efficiencies compared to a single lab purchase of one of these expensive software packages.  Even occasional users usually can afford the expense of a software subscription.
  • The value to your lab is enhanced by usually being able to install the software on as many of your lab's computers as you wish for no additional incremental cost beyond a one-time connection fee (exceptions as noted - see price list).
  • Always have access to the latest updates, consulting and support for no additional cost.
  • Laboratories on campus can have standard software packages available to them, which can help their training mission as graduate students go through rotations or staff members move from lab to lab.
  • The facility has significant experience with these software packages.

While "floating" network licenses allow software to be installed on an uinlimited number of computers across the University, only a limited number can use it at once.  When the licenses are used to capacity, we purchase more.  We use the Sassafras Software KeyServer license metering package for software license management.  This system allows us to fulfill our license obligations with no inconvenience to the software users.  This license management software is basically transparent to the user.

If you do not see the software package or tools that you need on our software access page, please contact us.  We can usually suggest alternatives for functions missing from the commercial software that we offer.  If a high degree of interest and expected use is expressed by investigators, we may add additional software packages.

Trial subscriptions are available.  Contact us to set up a subscription.

Commercial software license policies

We are bound by licensing agreements on these software packages.  Therefore, there are specific conditions that must be met in order to set up your account:

  • The PI must have an appointment at Cornell University or Weill Cornell Medicine.  Generally, any PI eligible for internal pricing is eligible for a user account for most of these commercial software packages. There are exceptions to this general rule and some packages may not be available to WCM researchers.
  • You must make payment using a Cornell University or Weill Cornell Medicine administered account ((BTI and USDA included - see pricing policy for details) .
  •  The software may be installed on multiple machines associated with the subscriber's lab. The software cannot be shared with other lab groups.  If it is installed on a shared or departmental computer, you must take steps to prevent it's use by other groups or all groups involved must maintain an account.
  • The software cannot be used for any commercial purpose.
  • Replacing, rebuilding or adding computers on which the software will be operating must be reported.
  • Software Subscriptions are invoiced monthly until a request to cancel the subscription is received by the facility. No credit or refund will be provided for previous months regardless of software use.

Pricing and available software

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