Bioinformatics support for next generation sequencing data analysis


Consultation on project design and data analysis tools

The BRC Bioinformatics Facility and Genomics Facility provide coordinated joint consultation services for project design and data analysis for next generation sequencing projects.  This includes consultation on the selection and optimal application of software tools for data analysis.

BioHPC Computing Laboratory

The BioHPC Computing Laboratory is a cloud computing service developed and maintained by the Bioinformatics Facility. Users can access the Lab’s computers either remotely or on-site in the core.  The Lab has servers with configurations designed for different type of data analysis, including large memory servers for de novo sequence assembly analysis.  The core maintains most of the commonly used data analysis software for next generation sequencing on the Lab’s computers.  Training on software analysis tools is available for Lab users.  Lab access is charged by the hour.

Provide customized bioinformatics solutions

The core provides customized support for data analysis, the development of customized software tools and, and building customized data analysis pipelines.  Next generation sequencing data management and analysis services includes support for transcriptome profiling, genome/transcriptome de novo assembly, whole-genome-shotgun genotyping, genotyping-by-sequencing, restriction site associated DNA sequencing, ChIPseq, methyl-seq, and many other applications.  Data management and analysis support services are available by short-term (per week) and long-term service contracts.
Research collaborations

The Bioinformatics Facility has collaborations with many research groups.  We welcome new collaborations and we can work with you to apply for joint funding.