Bioinformatics Price List

The Bioinformatics Facility fees are based on short-term fee-for-services support or large-scale project support.   Our fees are largely based on the amount of time required for support from the staff of the facility.  Funding for staff time and services can be included in collaborative grant proposals or paid as direct fee-for-services.

For Cornell collaborations and services  the fee-for-services cost for dedicated support from one Bioinformatics Facility staff member is $65.56/hour, $522.22/day, $2,631.17/week, $11,401.73/month, or $136,820.77/year. External (non-Cornell) users should contact the facility for pricing.

Fees are also charge for direct user access to the computing infrastructure of the Bioinformatics Facility.  The BioHPC Computing Laboratory offers several different computing options, which are priced based on the type of machine used. Click here for the BioHPC Computing Laboratory price list.