BioHPC Computing Laboratory

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The BioHPC Computing Laboratory is a cloud type computational resource configured for biologists.  The Lab is targeted for biologists who want to learn Linux or Windows operating system and to do bioinformatics data analysis themselves.  To help Lab users, the Bioinformatics Facility organizes educational workshops on various aspects of bioinformatics data analysis.


Workstations must be reserved ahead of time using our calendar-based online scheduler.  Users need to first purchase computing hours in order to make reservations.  Only registered Lab users can purchase hours and make reservations.  Please contact us to register for a Lab account.  New users must attend a training session before being access to the Lab resources.

In addition to using the Lab's workstations, Cornell research groups can also have their own workstations hosted in the Lab.  Hosted workstations are maintained by the Bioinformatics Facility’s staff but are accessible only to the host group’s members.  Please contact us for more information about having your workstations hosted in the Lab.

More information can be found at the following links:

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