AboutWho We Are

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Cornell’s Institute of Biotechnology seeks to catalyze life science research,  stimulate biotechnological innovation and foster entrepreneurship locally, regionally and internationally. Located on the Cornell Ithaca campus in upstate New York, the Institute provides a hub for cutting edge scientific facilities, education and training. The Institute promotes a wide spectrum of activities, blending academic research with economic development in and beyond the broad life sciences arena, thereby creating and strengthening partnerships across and within scientific disciplines. In addition to providing a nexus of scientific excellence in Ithaca, the Institute of Biotechnology also has close affiliations with many partner organizations within New York State and beyond that collectively provide access to a remarkable network of facilities, expertise, experience and opportunity.


The mission of the Institute of Biotechnology is to promote research, education and technology transfer for applications of biotechnology for the benefit of the environment, agriculture, engineering and veterinary and human medicine.


  • Develop collaborations between life scientists and physical, engineering and computational scientists in biotechnology and life science technologies.
  • Develop and support facilities and services to serve academic and institutional researchers
  • Develop mutually-beneficial relationships with industry to conduct research and technology transfer
  • Develop economic development programs that address specific needs of biotechnology and life sciences industries in New York
  • Develop educational programs to ensure wide dissemination of intellectual discoveries to all audiences


See the YouTube video for an overview. Listen to the Real People, Real Jobs radio spot: Commercializing Cornell’s Biotechnology


The Institute umbrella administratively supports the CAT-Center for Life Science Enterprise, the BRC-Biotechnology Resource Center, and the McGovern Family Center for Venture Development in the Life Sciences, a state-of-the-art on-campus business incubator.